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Scame in Surat Talati Recruitment ????

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asked Jul 17, 2015 by aruntl (120 points)
Is it True ? Me vaat sambhdi chhe 9 lakh rupeeya aapine talati banavi de chhe

ek vyakti nu example joyu chhe je latest bharti ma pass pan thae gyo chhe

to su aa vaat sachi hoe sake chhe

jo aavi rite j select karva hoy to exam sa mate le chhe

koe ni pase koe aavi vaat hoy to kho to khabar pade...

Koe mehnat kare ane tenu prinam j na aavanu hoy to mehnat kariye j nahi surat na mitro ne khabar hase

me ae vyakti nu example joyu chhe jena fathere 9 lakh rupeeya aapya ane te pass thae gayo please share your information

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