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jo aa 27 and 30 july ma result na aavyu to aapanu bhavishya andhakar lage che.. jo badhu clear and niti thi thayu che to high court tarikho kem pade che.!!

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A wat sachi 6 gsssb ni
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vat sachi 6e karan k 96 Candidate ne 22 thi 26 sudhi na Document Verification Programme ma Absant Candidate na aveji ma merit na aadhare  msg kare ne bolaviya hata  e ma koi khotu nathi GSSSB badha Candidate na marks mandal ne site par mukse
 higcourt no chukado GSSSB na pax ma j aavse chinta na karo bhai
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Thank you madhavbhai, chinta etale thay k aakha varsh ni mehnat pani ma na jay... loko watsap par kahe che k aakhi bharti cancel.. How come!! badha ne mari namra salah k afava felave nahi ane je felave ene roke!!
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agree with you but only one question arise in my mind : jo merti mujab j hoy to new added candidates kem pela selection list ma n hata. jo emnu merit select thayela karta vadhu hoy to tenu name 3060 na list ma hovu j joi e kem  n hatu...............and o6a mark hata ne add thay pa6i thi to eno matlab 3060 candidate na marks vadhare  6. please try to understand this with example........
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Highcourt stay nathi apyo to gsssb a bharti kem stop kari?
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binsachivalay clerk bharti
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Bhai hu kai kahis to selected candidates ne thase k hu select na thayo etle hu eu kai Rahyo chu.. bhai mara written ma official answer key mujab 168 thay che computer test ma average 70-80 final list ma name nathi.. 2 RTI kri pn ek j reply ke bharti puri thay pchi RTI krvi..etle final list aavse pchi hu j SCA nakhvano chu RTI ma badhi mahiti lai ne
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don't very bhai GSSSB fail thanaar total Candidate na marks mandal ni site par mukse
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Reasons for SCA in high courts against GSSSB
1) new candidates added by gsssb with the reference of Supreme court's per gsssb- - - -NO DETAILS LIKE ..judgement no. v/s not mentioned in notification.
2)This kind of recruitment process has not been followed in previous recruitment s by gsssb.( should add others who r not in primary merit list after the document verification programme get finished on 7th July,i.e in second round)
3) why gsssb didn't declared marks of written exam held.
4) why gsssb didn't declared total marks of both exam after computer proficiency test..(only names & seat numbers there),if they declared possibilities of any kind of disturbance in selection processor.
5)vacancies for Ex. candidates was immediately disappears on 1st of july. ( no clarification notification)
6) what was the ratio of waiting list candidates category wise against selected candidates only gsssb knows !
7) no rechecking/challenging for computer proficiency per notification. WHY ? ? as per gsssb its an online paper checking programme,rechecking is not possible...
it is possible if they had saved data & get print outs of the test given by individuals if anybody wants challenged them...for Transparency ..(Max. 4-5 A4 size paper/candidates.
8)choice/location given to selected candidates only for revenue dept.
Shri A R. RAVAL નાયબ સચિવ શ્રી, (પરિક્ષા)....declared in staff training college that gsssb only have details of the vacancies in મહેસૂલ વિભાગ district wise/category wise in various district. (for other vibhag they have all details like how many vacancies for Gen,Sebc,Sc,St,Ex.Handicapped..but don't know the vacancies district wise in other departments.(is it possible?)
lots of sebc/st/sc candidates scored higher & selected in general merit..jumped back to their own category for preferred job automatically Generals seats are vacant & Sebc seats r occupied.
(NOTE : These r the facts heard from various candidates regarding high court case.kindly requested not to take it personally)