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190 to 200 for general category
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Rajpal bhai mane lage chhe ke tame 100% correct hoi shako chho.
Maru opinion cut off 195 to 205 vacche rahi shake chhe.
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180 to 220 around to raheshe j ....all category
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220 thi to vadhi j jase
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Bhai, 220 marks etale 73% marks thay.
Vacancy 2444 chhe, to etalu badhu unchu cut off na ave.
Vadhu ma vadhu 65% thi 68% etale ke 195 thi 205 vacche avi shake.
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bhai 12000 jetla e didhi ane BCA MCA na students ne to computer ma full aavde tetle temne to 90 up easily mali jay open category men ma vacancy 500 jetli chhe i think etle 500*5=2500 jema boys na cut off 121 thoery ma hata etle first 2500 men 121 upar chhe to have vicharo 140 upar j jo 500 thata hoy to? 140 + 70 or 80=210 or 220
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Baki tame kaho cho tem thay to Vadhu saru
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sachi vat se bhai
finally cut of 200 aspas rahese
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220 thi na vadhe to saru aapne job levi chhe ...
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General male 210   rese avu lage 6