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Dear Friends,

Bad news for all. 26th January ni preparation ane US president India aavvana hovathi, samagra Government taiyari ma hovathi HC clerk result aavvani koi shakyata nathi. Afva o par dhyan aapvu nahi.

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No one knows about result..badha afava j felave 6
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p r patel sir ne pucho e atyare junagadh court ma transfer thai gya che koi junagadh nu hoy to pucho
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Bhai hu puri koshis karu chhu pan dar vakhte kaik navu j janva male chhe.....
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contacat aano pan karvani try karo pr patel saheb no intrw sudhi e j hata
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junagadh court math malela news mujab typing test biji vakhat levay athava recruitment cancel thay. paka news mane pan khabar nathi.
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Friends we can do nothing but wait...
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Kokdu kya guchvayelu chhe te koine khabar j nathi ghani try kari janva ni pan kai mahiti malti nathi...have e loko ne jyare dec. Karvu hoy tyare kare......uttrayan pela avse evu keva vala mate aje chhello divas chhe....
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Just wait, no one knows when it will be declared
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Majboot News To High Court Mathi j Male. Aje 4 Maina Pura Thai Gya 6 Pan Kai Ato Pato Nathi K HC Clerk Nu Result Kyare Aavse.
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All is Well..... .
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agree ....100% scam 6e j atle j late thayu 6e....p.r.patel sir ni reputation as an honest hati...nava sir doubtful lage 6e mane to!!
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na... nava registrar v k vyas che ane honest person che..