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1)   sir tamari site par thoda samay pahela Gpsc premil,,exam matenu cut  off vise detal update thai che ....tema st      catagory na candidate mate 162/500 premile ma cut off rehse avo jalavama avyu mahitri ketle anse sachi kahevay  ?

2)  Gpsc prem exam na parer 1,2 & 3   ma  amuk  question cancell karvama  avya che to   aa  cancell karela qestion na  marks malse  khara  ?

3)  Maru naam Nilesh che  hu ST candidate chu....mara  marks Gpsc premi   examma  182  thay che to mari main exam mate select thvani shkyat a khari ?

4)   me  mba/bcom  karyu che mare management  sub levu che parantu    Gpsc ni main exam na syllabus ma  Management  sub ni detail apvama avi nathi to aa  subject ni taiyari kai rite karvi  ?

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