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GPSSB Junior Clerk / Talati cum Mantri result is out for almost all Districts but only Narmada district result is pending. What is the reason ??

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@sachtech...aavse ,,,pn have election pchi...


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to gandhinagar jilla panchayat talati-mantri & jr. clerk nu result kevi rite aavyu bhai temne election ni aachar sanhita na lagu pade?
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hmm...but election pachi j avanu hot to Gandhinagar and Rajkot kem 2-3 days pehla j avi gayu ? Tame Narmada District Panchayat ni website parthi Phone number lai call kari puchi juo... Me puchyu hatu 1 week pehla to 2-3 days ma avi jase m kahyu hatu.