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Mara manva pramane 110-115 atakashe...tamara mate ketlu atakashe??mare95.40 thay che maro chance nahi lage..tamare ketla che?
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Etlu high na jay merit 100 ni aa spas thi start thtu hse. I think.  72 marks e mle job
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hu nathi manto k aatlu unchu cutt off avse
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To devashish bhai mare 95.40 che to maro chance ketla % che??
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open ma 60 jagya chhe jo tame open ma haso to chance lagse, st 5, obc 5 jagya chhe etle tema compition  rahese
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Open ma 72 hoy to
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125 ni asspass atkse
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tamare ketla thay che?