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i got 64.90 marks in talati cum mantri in baroda... & m on 38th rank on merit & i m in general ... maro chance 6 k nai..?

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Baroda jilla ma female mate ketli seat chhe ane tema tamaro number kayo chhe te check kari lo... Mare pan 64.90 mark chhe ane hu jamnagar jilla ma merit ma aavigayo chhu...
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yes bro congrats jamnagar jilla ma sc male ni 2 jagya chhe ane merit ma sc male ma tamaro 1st no. chhe etle tame 100% select thai gaya chho.
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Thank's u very much dear friend.....
But one Question also i have cleared both clk as well as talati so which one is best job and in clerck i got 70.10 and in that list also i am first persone as SC...
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i think clerk job is good very much opprtunity in clerk job
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baroda talati ma gen. female ni 10 jagya chhe ane gen. female ma tamaro 12 mo no. thay chhe etlek jo koi candidate document verification ma fail thay to tamaro no. lage evu dekhay chhe pachhi luck.