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Pls koi DGVCL ni joining procedure vise jane 6?and merit list date

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asked Dec 27, 2013 by parth8657 (310 points)

1 Answer

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answered Dec 28, 2013 by sigavalrajput (27,110 points)

jyare tamara ghare order aave atle tamara darek document ni 5 xerox copy sathe laine javanu 6..

id card, ration card sathe lai javana 6..

tya jaine document check karya pa6i tamne ek form aapse j laine surat civil hospital ma jaine fitness certi kadhava nu rahese..tyar bad te certi dgvcl corporate office ma raju karso atle tamne posting aapse proper place par..

order monday 30/12/2013 thi send karvanu start thase..

commented Dec 28, 2013 by Nikin Patel (1,540 points)
mari job atyare chalu order letter 30th-dec-2013 onwards mokalvana confirm hoy to mare 1 month no notice period mukvano please give me more information so that i will resign from my current job.
commented Dec 29, 2013 by sigavalrajput (27,110 points)
me dgvcl corporate office mathi information medvi 6..a liko a mane aa mujab kidhu friend tya job kare 6..
commented Jan 1, 2014 by nilam_67 (770 points)
yes. if it will be sure tha we can resign our current job
commented Jan 29, 2014 by shivanipatel274 (240 points)
Thanks for your information.