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80 ni aajubaju rehse bhai...
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87.25 general boy and your?
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85.25 general. Kevu lage che bhai tane.
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General nu merit boys ma 75 aspas rese
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naa hoy bhai aatlu nichu .... 90-95 to rahese j
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Naa bhai atlu unchu naa ave tame to 100 % avi jaso
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mine is 92.50
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Mine is 74.5 obc.any chance??
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Chance  che bhai tamaro....
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70 to 75 between rehse general boy nu. Kem k 1300+ levana 6 computer test mate... Aagli exam ma bahu ocha levana hata.....
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100%  vaat sachi bhai tamari 1300 loko levana che 450 jagya che last time khali 130 hati toy 200 mathi khali 110 jeva e merit gen. Avyu hatu
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Mane toh lage 6 k 70+ pan nai jaaye... Minimum cut off 40% etle k 60 rehse.... Pachi karbar nai????????????