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બિનસચિવાલય / સચિવાલય મા કોણ કોણ પાસ થયા છે ? તેમના સીરીયલ નંબર જણાવો.

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asked Feb 28 by BEE A KADIR (970 points)

2 Answers

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answered Feb 28 by BEE A KADIR (970 points)
હું પાસ છુ સીરીયલ નંબર:-૧૫૩૪
commented Feb 28 by parmar (1,250 points)
Aa num meri aadharit 6e ke randomly 6e
commented Feb 28 by Prajapati Uday (1,050 points)
phone karo hato to emne merit pramane kidhu. ane verification 14 tarikha thi thase evu kidhu chhe.
commented Feb 28 by BEE A KADIR (970 points)
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answered Mar 2 by sandip3119 (730 points)
I'm pass, Sr. No. 124
commented Mar 2 by BEE A KADIR (970 points)