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talati cum mantri nu merit ketlu aavse ??

0 votes
asked Feb 13 by KETAN DESAI (680 points)
commented Feb 13 by parmar (1,250 points)
Patan district ma mare 86 thay 6e chance kahri
commented Feb 14 by Mukesh thakor (3,290 points)
laghi jasho bhai  merit 80+ raheshe
commented Feb 14 by Nikhil Ghatodiya (1,450 points)
Rank 1/10 ma hso bhai tme ..enjoyyy
commented Feb 15 by parmar (1,250 points)
Paper easy hatu aetle 90+ to nahi re ne
commented Feb 15 by Nikhil Ghatodiya (1,450 points)
Mehnat kri hoy tme etle selu lage..

1 Answer

0 votes
answered Feb 13 by Nikhil Ghatodiya (1,450 points)
Approx 70/75 for all district
commented Feb 14 by Mukesh thakor (3,290 points)
mahesana ,patan  bk gandhinagar  80+ raheshe (may be)
commented Feb 14 by hiimanshu (430 points)
etlu badhu na jay 70-75 jevu rese all distrct.