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binnu merit 200 sudhi raheshe ke??

+3 votes
asked Feb 6 by Gajendra Sinh (240 points)

9 Answers

0 votes
answered Feb 6 by Mukesh thakor (3,230 points)
200 ની અંદર રહેશે. (may be)
+3 votes
answered Feb 6 by parmar (900 points)
170-175 open mate
commented Feb 7 by Mukesh thakor (3,230 points)
190 + raheshe.
+3 votes
answered Feb 7 by parmar (900 points)
190+ koi divas nahi sake..maximum182-185 because 4600 ni bharti ane computer test hard hato..gai vakhate 200 ae atkayu hatu..
commented Feb 8 by BEE A KADIR (680 points)
ભાઇ તમારા કેટલા માર્કસ છે ?
–5 votes
answered Feb 9 by valadinesh (620 points)
Writen cut off mujab merit high rese general 235-245
commented Feb 9 by parmar (900 points)
Magaj vagar ni vat kare ma gai vakhate 79 marke atkayu hatu means open 121+79=200 aetle computer ma aa vkahte hard hatu ane bharti vadhare 6e aetle 70 hoi sake..aetke result aana thi o6u jase oan vadhare nahi..result aavya pasi kejo..
0 votes
answered Feb 9 by kasim Mobhi (660 points)
ભાઇ તમામ કેટેગરી માટે મેરીટ ૨૦૦ ની અંદર રહેશે ૧૦૦%
commented Feb 10 by valadinesh (620 points)
Tyare computer ma key dep hati a vakhte nathi atle conputer ma 95+ leva khub j sahela se ( same as revenue talati ) and lekhit ma pan most of students ne 130+ se atle have count kari lyo
commented Feb 13 by Prajapati Uday (810 points)
Right....200 ander j re...
commented 3 days ago by Nikhil Ghatodiya (1,300 points)
Most of 130+ hoy to General nu 109 na atke cutt off..
+2 votes
answered Feb 11 by pradip.hada (660 points)
Gai wakhat karta aa wakhte computer test easy hti.

Merit to 170 aaspas j raheshe.
–1 vote
answered Feb 13 by Prajapati Uday (810 points)
Ha Bhai Atlu to rahse.....
–5 votes
answered Feb 14 by valadinesh (620 points)
St category ni 200 ni andar rese baki to 220+ j hase
0 votes
answered Feb 14 by kasim Mobhi (660 points)
reshown Feb 14 by kasim Mobhi
ભાઇ તમામ કેટેગરી ૨૦૦ ની અંદર જ રહેશે.