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Expected Cut off For Industrial Safety and Health officer 2016-17?

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asked Feb 6 by Rikkin0078 (120 points)
What will be the expected cut off out of 300 for interview criteria for Industrial Safety and Health Officer dated 28/01/2017 ?
commented Feb 20 by Rikkin0078 (120 points)
I got around 181 General..!

1 Answer

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answered Feb 13 by rrk13 (270 points)
edited Feb 13 by rrk13
vacancy bahu o6i 6 etle difficult 6 cut off vise kehvu.


provisional key mujab Mare 214.2 thaay 6    obc category
commented Feb 20 by brijeshptl7 (210 points) 1 flag
General category maate ketlo cuttoff rehse koine idea?maare 214.5 thay 6.
commented Feb 20 by Rikkin0078 (120 points)
Last Time merit ketlu hatu?? Because last time pan aatli j jagya o hati. to eni aaspas revu joie..
commented Feb 27 by Siddh_2503 (100 points)
3 questions wl b cancelled in provisional answer key... 3 wrong questions... and general studies paper level is very tough... and law paper around 20 questions asked about sections...  any thing 125 is gud score in law... if u scored 214 or 180 then it is very very excellent score.... last time cut off is below 50 % of total marks...
commented Feb 27 by Siddh_2503 (100 points)
Cut off wl b arround 150 for general category... and 135 for obc category n wl b around 125 for sc/st category....
commented Feb 27 by rrk13 (270 points)
aatlu nichu na re...
commented Mar 6 by Keta Harsh Desai (140 points)
When will be final anser key published
commented Mar 6 by brijeshptl7 (210 points)
Provisional Answer key has already been published.