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40 but i have national certificate so 42 is my finale score is there any chances ?????
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I m in general category female 42
Any chances
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i got 44 marks nd general category female... i dont think  that we will pass
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I think there r still chances for both of u bcoz people with lil experience expecting cutoff between 45-50 for general male...
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Marugujarat na members potana score comment kreto aapde guess kri skiye
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54.70 as per final answer key.
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I got 50.30 marks....
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53.60 general male
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Final ans. Key ma kai rite marks count karvana . . .
12 cancel karya to 88 mathi mare 50.30

& 100 mathi 62.30 thay chhe. . . .
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hal to bdha 88 mathi j count kre 6...
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61. Cancel na 1 Mark ganvana hoy to 71
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mare 51 che to cancel thayeala question na mark count karay k nai?
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My wife has got 55.1, gen female.I think above 45 gives u great motivation to start preparing for mains.
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final answer key mujab 61.60