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dyso nu result kyare avshe?avu nathi lagtu ke result ni magni karvi joiye?

3 Answers

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In September
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September??? Kya source thi info aavi ??? Never ever possible bcoz hjuto final ans key pn ny aavi
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Jyare tame result ni rah Joi Joi  ne Kantali jasho tyare.
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Jyare potana manaso ne select karvani arrangement final full proof thai jase pachhi j aavase.
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due to disturbances in Gujarat, result has been postponed which was about to be declared in September,

now they are trying to declared before diwali,

in worst case it may be declared immediate after diwali..
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Bhai confirm hoy to j kaheje.aagal aakho September month raah jovama nikalyo hato
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bhai te joyi hase Gujarat ni halat aena pachhi

baki na jone raah kon leh chhe jova nu...?